• Breathable 100% Organic Cotton Muslin
  • Large Coverage to Protect your Silk Shirts and Suits against Spit Ups (25" of Coverage)
  • Engineered with 6 Layers of Muslin to Capture Large Amounts of Spit Up
  • Contoured to Drape Over the Shoulder to Protect Your Clothes While Burping Your Baby (Wide Enough of Your Partner's Broad Shoulders) 
  • Muslin is Breathable as Your Baby Snuggles Up to your Shoulders 
  • Lay over your Baby during Bottle Feeding and Quickly Wipe Away Milk Dribbling Out of Your Baby's Mouths (Useful Especially During Night Time Feeds) 
  • Each Set Contains Different Patterns To Track Used vs Fresh Burp Cloths
  • 11" Wide x 25" Long

Baby Muslin Burp Cloth - Organic Cotton - Stars Design

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