• Ultra Soft, Breathable 70% natural bamboo with 30% cotton muslin 
  • Large Coverage to Protect your Silk Shirts and Suits against Spit Ups (26" of Coverage)
  • Engineered to Capture Large Amounts of Spit Up
  • Contoured to Drape Over the Shoulder to Protect Your Clothes While Burping Your Baby (Wide Enough of Your Partner's Broad Shoulders) 
  • Muslin is Breathable as Your Baby Snuggles Up to your Shoulders 
  • Lay over your Baby during Bottle Feeding and Quickly Wipe Away Milk Dribbling Out of Your Baby's Mouths (Useful Especially During Night Time Feeds) 
  • Each Set Contains Different Patterns To Track Used vs Fresh Burp Cloths
  • 11" Wide x 26" Long

Baby Muslin Burp Cloth - Natural Bamboo/Cotton - Love Design

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  • Please wash before use. Machine wash warm and tumble dry in gentle cycle or lay flat to dry. 


    As muslin is soft and breathable for babies to use, it's also more delicate. It's best to place burp cloths in a laundry bag before machine wash.